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Here Comes a Journey! is the very first chapter of the Clear Legends Series. It is also the first episode of the season White Wishes.


The chapter begins with a girl from Pallet Town called Rosa picking up some things and putting them all inside her backpack. She is actually watching a Pokemon battle between a Jigglypuff and a Nidorino. They fight for some minutes and Rosa smiles. She, as the other new Pokemon trainers, just completed ten years old and will be able of grab her first pokemon in few hours.

Then, she goes to her PC and sees the explanation of the three available starter pokemons. She sees the grass pokemon Bulbasaur, the water pokemon Squirtle and the fire pokemon Charmander, but she can't decide between those three.

She prepares herself and rides down the stairs to meet her mom sitting on a chair in a table. Her mother greets her for the start of her Pokemon Journey and plants a kiss on Rosa's forehead. She leaves the house and heads north, towards Route 01.

But when she is approaching the grass, a unknown old man appears stomping and stops her from going. Professor Oak! She shakes hands with him and he invites her to his laboratory center. She agrees and they two walk towards his laboratory. Inside, she meets up with a boy called Hugo. He ignores her and Oak shows the options to them. Hugh whispers that Rosa can select first and she chooses a Squirtle. He laughs of her choice and picks up a Bulbasaur. 

Oak gives "Good-bye" to them and gives some supplies for Rosa's backpack. She thanks him and starts to walk away, but before she could leave the laboratory, Hugo calls her to a Pokemon battle. She gasps and accepts the challenge. She withdraws Squirtle, while Hugo selects his Bulbasaur.

Even with the type difference, Bulbasaur loses to Squirtle after a strong Tackle. Rosa celebrates with her Squirtle and Hugo just walks away, without saying any word back.

She thanks Oak for a second time, and leaves the laboratory in the direction of Route 01. Her journey is finally about to begin.

Major eventsEdit

  • Rosa and Hugo start their journeys.
  • Rosa starts with a Squirtle.
  • Hugo starts with a Bulbasaur.
  • Rosa reaches Route 01.

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